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Wilmington Friends' Nathan HS Athlete of the Week

By Kara Pokropski Wednesday, September 23, 2015 - 1:45pm
VIDEO: Alyssa Taylor
Wilmington Friends' Alyssa Nathan is this week's Delaware Sports Zone High School Athlete of the Week.

The junior setter led her team to a 3-0 victory on Monday, adding to the Quakers' 3-1 record. Entering her third year, Alyssa says what she has learned the most is how to grow from both wins and losses.

"I've learned a lot to take the wins and the losses together because you can learn just as much from a loss as you can from a win, if not more. That was really hard for me to get my head around freshman year but it's getting there now, which is helpful."

The setter has special chemistry with one particular teammate, her younger sister.

"We have different chemistry than most people on the court than most people do. We talk a lot more candidly to each other, I don't really keep anything filter from her. And I expect a lot from her and she of me, so it really pushes both of us."

And what Alyssa wants to share about her team,

"We are like best friends, we really get a long on and off the court, which really helps. And we are willing to work really hard on and off the court to achieve our goals."

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