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Newark's Guerrero - WDEL HS Athlete of the Week

By Sean Greene Tuesday, June 21, 2016 - 10:36pm
VIDEO: Sean Greene talks to Angel Guerrero about his big play, college plans
Newark offensive tackle Angel Guerrero wasn't even on the original Gold team roster for this year's DFRC Blue/Gold All-Star Football Game, but he ended up making perhaps the most memorable play of the game.

In a contest that saw Delaware-bound defensive back Colby Reeder of Salesianum return an interception a game-record 100 yards for a touchdown, and six different running backs attempt to throw passes, why not coming up with the ultimate backyard play.

Newark offensive tackle Angel Guerrero wasn't even originally on this year's Blue/Gold Roster, but in the 4th quarter Saturday night, he found himself in a more shocking position, in the end zone, with the football.

Gold Head Coach Mark DelPercio said it all began with a fun practice drill during the week where lineman had to catch punts. Towards the end, the amount of wind sprints at the end of practice were on the line, and apparently, more than that.

"Angel caught the winning punt so we had no sprints, so we knew he had hands, so we knew we had to put him at tackle and throw it back to him."

Cue the fourth quarter of Saturday's game, when DelPercio's son Vincent sprinted out to his right. Guerrero, lined up at left tackle, took a couple of steps back, collecting the ball with two hands at the 15-yard line, and he was off to the races.

Mark DelPercio had a smile when he talked about the final part of the play. "After (the punt drill), you've got to get Angel Guerrero in the open space, and that's what we've been saying all week."

At 230 pounds, Guerrero showed pretty good speed, and a nose for the goal line as he just beat a defender to the pylon. After the game, you'd figure Angel would have great memories of the play, right?

"To be honest, I don't remember any of it. I just remember reaching out and getting smacked."

Angel, who was born in Chicago and whose parents are from Hondurus, will continue his football career at Division III Lycoming next year, where he plans to study theology.

"I grew up Catholic, and I consider myself a Christian right now. I just believe that as faith is a big part of a person's life, I believe we should be educated about everything that is out there."

Guerrero's touchdown wrapped up a memorial football year for Newark, which saw long-time head coach Butch Simpson retire, with Guerrero saying "it was an honor to play for that man."

All-Star games are about having fun, and Angel Guerrero will have a small part of the 2016 game that he'll eventually remember, even if he has to go back to video to remind himself of a rare experience for any lineman.

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