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Sals' Norat named "WDEL HS Athlete of the Week"

By Sean Greene Monday, December 21, 1012 - 4:03am
Video feature on Connor Norat
Salesianum soccer player Connor Norat is this week's WDEL High School Athlete of the Week.

Connor scored the game winning goal in Saturday's 3-2 overtime thriller against Caravel. Connor said the Sals were confident despite blowing a 2-0 lead in regulation.

"If you ask any one of us players we'll tell you that's the reason we play soccer for that intensity. We did come into overtime knowing that if we end up getting a lot of chances in the box that we'll eventually finish, and that's exactly what happened."

So how did he secure the game winning goal?

"The ball got crossed in to Mike Atallian and he brought it back, and I happened to be standing at the six. Our game plan is usually to whenever the ball gets crossed in is to cross it back, it gets the goalie a little out of position."

Connor has been playing soccer since he was 4, what keeps him playing what is known as the "beautiful game"?

"There's no set innings or plays or when the clock ends and begins. You're just free to do whatever. Really, anything can happen in a game, and that's honestly what keeps me in it. I'm not burned out at all."

As for Connor's future, he's off to the Northeast Conference's Bryant University in Rhode Island.

"It's got a top 10 business program there and Division I soccer so it's a good deal. A few of my friends and I from Pennsylvania club team FC Delco, we committed there and I think my sophomore year we're going to have a good team."

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