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A.I.'s Purnell - WDEL Male HS Athlete of the Week

By Sean Greene Thursday, January 26, 2012 - 11:33pm
VIDEO: Profile of Dink Purnell
A.I. DuPont wrestler Wayne "Dink" Purnell is this week's WDEL Male High School Athlete of the Week.

"Dink" finished second in the Heavyweight division of December's Best of the East wrestling tournament. First of all, a heavyweight wrestler named "Dink"?

"Most people from wrestling do know me by it now. I guess it might have meaning to my Mom somehow, but she won't tell me."

"The Beast" can be a grueling weekend for a wrestler, and Purnell said his first match was the key to getting his tournament going.

"Every match just kept rolling. I was like 'winning gets contagous after a while' so you keep going. Then that last match came and I lost it, but I got that far, not everyone can say that they did."

Purnell says he started grabbling about 8 years ago when someone saw him on the football field, and says the individual nature of the sport appeals to him.

"Just about every week there's something you can do. It's an individual tournament where you have to rely on yourself. You sit there and say 'it's all about me for a while"

Finally, I asked the 90-win wrestler what the best advice he's ever received was.

"You only have three things on this earth: Your word, your actions behind your word, and your credit rating."

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