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St. Mark's Talley - WDEL Female HS Athlete of the Week

By Sean Greene Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - 11:29pm
VIDEO: Interview with Lauren Talley
St. Mark's volleyball hitter Lauren Talley is this week's WDEL Female High School Athlete of the Week.

Lauren recorded 35 kills and 23 digs in the Spartans' 3 sets to 1 triumph over Ursuline last week.

Lauren says the Raiders bring out the best in her squad.

"Definitely how competitive they are. It brings out our competitive side in a good way and it pushes both teams to work as hard as we can."

The senior says she's nervous before every match, but says her team helps get her through the butterflies.

"When you get up and hit that first ball and you get that great feeling that runs through you and you turn to your team and you cheer and your team's all around you and you know your team is going to work together."

St. Mark's has won back-to-back state championships, and I asked Lauren what winning a state title means to her.

"All of your work and everything you put together. You did it for yourself, you did it for your teammates, you did it for your coaches, and it's giving back to each of them."

Lauren will be joining the CAA Champion Delaware women's volleyball program next year, and says she has an interest in criminal justice.

"The way someone thinks to make them the way they are is completely mind blowing to me. That someone could think a certain way and think that something's okay and have no remorse, but then other people could think it's completely wrong."

Talley and St. Mark's have a big week coming up with games at Wilmington Charter (Tuesday) and conference rival Padua (Thursday).

VIDEO: Footage of an 80 second point between Ursuline and St. Mark's ended by a Talley kill last week.

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