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St.E's Rodriguez - WDEL Female HS Athlete of the Week

By Gianna Banner Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 5:17pm
Video: Interview with Jocelyn Rodriguez
St. Elizabeth basketball's Jocelyn Rodriguez is this week's WDEL Female High School Athlete of the Week.

Last week Rodriguez scored 16 points in a win over Caesar Rodney and last night she added 12 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 steals to gain a thrilling 50-47 victory over Sanford.

"They knocked us out three years when it counted the most, so every time we play Sanford it's always a good game. I love playing Sanford, it's probably my favorite," said the 5'4 athlete.

Rodriguez spent some time practicing half-court shots this week, and it ended up paying off Tuesday night. She even told her coaches if she made the shots at practice the whole team could go home. She was joking, however they all came back to practice even though she sunk one.

"Then at the game, I did it, it was the end of the first quarter, a buzzer-beater, and then he was like, 'I thought it was just practice' and it ended making a difference at the end because we won by three so," said a giggling Rodriguez.

As the lone senior on a young Vikings squad, Rodriguez put in the extra effort to prepare for this season.

"Unfortunately, I didn't play volleyball this year because I wanted to focus on basketball, and I trained more in the off season because I had so much free time," said Rodriguez,who began practicing two times a week starting last spring. "I don't regret my decision. There's times where I miss it, but I don't regret it at all.

Although point guard is not sure where she'll end up for schooling next year, she is certain of one thing.

"Yes, I do want to pursue my education, I have some choices right now, but I'm not too sure, but I do want to play basketball next year," said Rodriguez, who wants to major in business.

With the holidays coming up, there is another important day for Jocelyn on the twenty-fifth.

"Well my birthday's on Christmas so hopefully I get double presents. I'm not too lucky all the time so it's whatever my mom feels like this year!"

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