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Why Janet Napolitano is just another incompetent Obama "Bad Hire."

In addition to articulating her fears that American troops returning from theaters of war pose a threat to society, in March of this year she stated that she was doing a better job than Bush protecting airplanes from terrorists and continuing to improve security. When "The Crotch Bomber" proved her wrong, she dismissed the fact that her Homeland Security agency fails to assign an Air Marshall to the flight saying the episode proved she was doing a good job. Two days later, she's forced to admit her agency failed. This partisan politician told De Speigel that she would not use the word, "Terrorist" because the word promotes "politics of fear" and instead uses the delightful euphemism, "man-caused distasters." She said there was "no indication" that the Detroit Airline bombing attempt was part of any larger plot just hours after the FBI said they had evidence that it was. Perhaps Janet "Princess of Semantics" Napolitano should have said there's "no confirmation," "no proof" or "no permission to say so from President Obama while he's on the golf course" instead of "no indication" when the truth is that the FBI did have "indications" that proved to be true: this was part of the overall Al Qaeda plot. She also blamed Bush for the bombing attempt. Really. This is the same sort of left-wing hypocrisy our country experienced when Liberals blamed Bush for 9/11 attack. It was nine months into his watch so he was to blame despite the fact that Al Qaeda had been planning it for years while Clinton dithered. You don't hear Liberals making the exact same accusation against Obama now, do you, especially when HE is 100% to blame for there being no TSA Director and for appointing the incompetent Napolitano. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder gave Napolitano an unintentional smack-down when he stated in the Washington Post that the Bush Administration did a very good job on airline security and security systems. Too bad for Napolitano, who weakly told the Washington Post that she couldn't explain what went wrong with airport security because it's "complicated." It's time for Janet Napolitano to join Van Jones and Tom Daschle on the outside of the White House.

Posted at 9:15am on December 30, 2009 by Rick Jensen

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