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Thirsty Thursday at 3:33 ver. 12.31.09

Rick's Beer-Lovin' Foamy Friends included Gina, Isaac and Frank
Wow! What a way to close another Great Year of Beer!
The Beer: Delirium Noel
Belgian Ale... Strong 10% Abv
Rick was apprehensive at best of a bottle all froo-froo painted to look like a porcelain container, but this turned out to be one of everyone's favorite beers of the year!
Gina, who never liked beer until Rick introduced her to the magic of true Belgian Ales, loved it! Here are some of the reactions:
It poured an orangish brown with a tan cloud of a head head that stayed hearty for quite awhile and laced the side of the glass.
The aroma was like walking into the kitchen when Mom's doing Christmas baking.
There are flavors of plums and apple, cinnamon cloves and allspice
The mouthfeel very smooth, and not too much carbonation


Real fruity and spicy. The spice flavor aftertaste stays with you. Love it.

Posted at 4:40pm on January 7, 2010 by Rick Jensen

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