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Dick Cheney is Correct about Obama and Terror... Here's One Example

This weekend, The Obama Administration went full bore in the media challenging Dick Cheney's assertion that Obama is not serious about terrorism. President Obama tells us to look at his record. Okay, let's do that. Before he told Janet Napolitano and Robert Gibbs to tell you that the capture of the crotch-bomber by a citizen not any police or intelligence authority proves the system works, Obama loosed a few Yemeni from Guantanamo. Here's the description of a couple and a link to the whole stunning story for you. If Obama is serious about stopping terrorist attacks on the U.S., why would he release these dedicated Jihadists? Democrats and the rest of our country have a lot more to be concerned about than Evan Bayh and other Democrats bailing their weakened party. We need a President who is serious about fighting terrorism and willing to take the negative publicity as did President Bush for a larger cause.

The Doctor. Ayman Batarfi has been a committed jihadist for decades. After fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan, he became an orthopedic surgeon and lent his skills to al Qaeda and the Taliban. He tended to wounded -jihadists -during the Battle of Tora Bora in late 2001. During his administrative review board hearing at Guantánamo, Batarfi made a number of admissions, including that he met with Osama bin Laden at Tora Bora (when the terror master was the most wanted man on the planet) and had authorized the purchase of medical equipment for a “Malaysian microbiologist.” This was Yazid Sufaat, who was the head of al Qaeda's anthrax program. Batarfi also worked for al Wafa, a “charity” that was an al Qaeda front. Both the United States and U.N. have designated al Wafa as a terrorist entity.

The Money Man. Jamal Muhammed Alawi Mari was among the first men taken into custody after the September 11 attacks. Mari was arrested on September 23, 2001. Pakistani officials found a suitcase filled with clothes and $11,300 in cash in his possession and boxes containing “lists of chemicals and pharmaceuticals and handwritten notes regarding the characteristics of different military weapons, explosives and attack scenarios.” It was an interesting collection for a man who claimed he was just a charity worker. Mari reported to the head of al Wafa, who had close ties to Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar. U.S. government files allege that Mari was once a top official in the Baku, Azerbaijan, branch of al Haramayn. That branch is known to have played a leading role in funneling supplies and recruits to the jihadists fighting in Chechnya.
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Posted at 8:35pm on February 15, 2010 by Rick Jensen

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Ed Dwornik
Tue, Feb 23, 2010 11:59am
911 happened on Cheney's watch!
Our national security adviser at the time got a promotion to Secretary of state.Did Rick sleep through that, or was he dizzy from spinning like a whirling dervish,
or so high on feeding peoples fears and anger with distortions and pretzel logic that he forgot to fulfill his civic duty with honest and thoughtful analysis?
? Just wonder-in!
With love

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