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Governor Markell & Rep. Schwartzkopf: Execute the Presumed Suspect and Investigate Later!

Governor Markell and House Majority Leader Pete Schwartzkopf are pushing to cancel Governor Minner's controversial contract between NKS Distributors and the State of Delaware without jurisprudence; without first investigating whether NKS negotiated in good faith. Yes, they're calling for investigations, but the problem here is that they're calling for punishing NKS BEFORE any determination that they did anything wrong. Here's what they DO know from Maureen Milford's investigative journalism report: NKS was interested in a tract of land for warehousing and distribtution. Governor Minner's staff went to work on a deal that leases the land to NKS for $1.500 per month for 66 years with an increase of $100 per month each year. One estimate put the rental value at a hard-to-believe $84,000 per month. Even with an assumed rental value of $84,000 per year, NKS got a very good deal. What they do NOT know is the involvement of NKS throughout the process. The report DOES lead reasonable people to suspect that Governor Minner did not perform in the best interest of Delaware taxpayers, especially when they learned that the contract with NKS was reportedly signed two years before the property was re-zoned to allow NKS to operate there. That is a violation and one that NKS could not have performed. Only The Minner Administration and DELDOT could wrangle that deal. Yet, Markell and Schwarzkopf are quick to call on NKS to renegotiate or vacate the premises immediately. This knee-jerk decision of the Governor and Majority Leader to convict NKS of some perceived misdeed without due process is frightening. I would expect the Governor to call for an investigation of the deal, not convict one party without due process. My opinion is that this requires a Federal investigation prior to any action.
Also for your consideration: If this reaction from Gov. Markell and Rep. Schwartzkopf is due to Republicans calling for an investigation of fellow Democrat Governor Minner's behavior, it's even worse because it's purely partisan in opposition of seeking the truth. Let's suppose Markell and Schwartzkopf are successful in causing NKS to vacate the premises. Do they have a new tenant ready to move right in and pay more or are they willing to sacrifice the equivalent of a young school teacher's salary in the name of emotional nonjurisprudence?

Posted at 9:19am on May 25, 2010 by Rick Jensen

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Tue, May 25, 2010 9:45pm
They ARE investigating. Just because they want to void the contract now doesn't mean they're punishing any innocent people. Everyone associated with this is guilty! Publish more names! More Minner staffers! More Deldot people! More NKS people!

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