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March Madness in Delaware

It's that time of year when the high school basketball season comes to a close for both the girls and boys. To me, its as a good a time of year in the state for sports as any.

On the girls side, it appears there are two teams that stand head and shoulders above everyone else...defending champ Ursuline and arch-rival St. Elizabeth. The Lady Vikings have just two in-state losses...both to Ursuline, by scores of 50-49 and 54-51. Both teams have beaten the other two of the top 4 teams in the state, Sanford and Caravel.

Predictably, the seedings don't make a lot of sense because of the weakness of the point system used. St. E is the top seed despite having lost twice to Ursuline, Sanford is number 2, despite losing by 27 to Ursuline, Caravel is seeded 3rd despite having lost to Ursuline by nearly 20 and the Raiders finally come in at number 4. Why? Because Ursuline played some outstanding teams from out-of-state and lost (usually by very close scores) and don't have as many wins and the points you get for those victories. That being said, the point system is the best thing we have for seeding, although this tells me there must be some tweaks that can be made to make it better.

On the boys side, Sanford is going for a 4th straight state title and is seeded number one, while St. Andrew's, which beat the Warriors twice, is just the 5 seed. Again strength of overall schedule and points factor in here, but its another case of the weakness of the current point system.

The boys tournament, however, is far more wide open. Sanford seems as vulnerable as they have been in years to not winning the state title....but they are still loaded with talent with a great coach. St. Andrew's is a strong candidate because of two of the 10 best players in the state...Salesianum, the 4 seed is having its best season in years at 17-3 and has the horses to win it all, as does 2 seed Howard, which dares you to out-score them. And Hodgson, the dark horse as the 3 seed, has gotten better as the year went along.

Unfortunately, because of scheduling conflicts, the quarterfinals for the boys and girls won't be played at the Bob so no 4 games in one day on a Saturday and Sunday. But there are still a lot of great games to be seen and the only place to keep up with them is on WDEL and WDEL.com. We will be broadcasting as many as 8 games over the course of the two tournaments and throwing up plenty of video highlights at wdel.com.

So get out and watch some games in person, and when you can't, tune in to WDEL 1150 AM , the home of high school sports in Delaware.

Posted at 10:23am on February 26, 2013 by Big Don Voltz

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