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DX / QSL "Golden Oldies"

Just as hearing an old tune from your childhood or teenaged years can evoke incredible memories, for those of us who grew up listening to international shortwave radio stations, so too can the sounds of Interval Signals and opening themes.

(In the era BEFORE digital frequency read-outs, you used a recognizable Interval Signal to identify a particular station prior to the start of the broadcast, as you were tuning around the dial!)

Just like with certain tunes, some of us cherished our favorite Interval Signals. For me: The International Service of Swiss Broadcasting, which became Swiss Radio International; Radio Denmark; Radio Sweden; Radio Prague (Cold War); Radio Portugal; and Radio RSA, the Voice of South Africa, which became Channel Africa.

From the Winter SWL Fest, we got to hear an extravaganza of Interval Signals, and at the visual level, QSL's and photos from the stations and their respective countries. Bulgarian Shortwave DX'ers put it all together. If you listened to shortwave as a kid or young adult, see how many of these Interval Signals you can identify with your eyes closed (before you hear the Station I.D., in many instances)...

From the Bulgarian DX'ers via YouTube: "The Glory Days of Shortwave Radio"


As wonderful as this compliation is, a few prominent shortwave broadcasters from the 1960's/1970's are missing:
Radio Portugal, The Voice of the West; Trans World Radio / Bonaire; Radio RSA; a few other stations from sub-Saharan Africa.

Posted at 3:02pm on March 4, 2013 by Allan Loudell

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Sat, Mar 9, 2013 11:03am
From the chimes playing "O Canada" to the VOA's "Columbia the Gem of the Ocean" this certainly brings back memories.
The closest we had domestically was the NBC chimes.

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