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What's Charlie to do?

I'm glad I'm not Charlie Manuel. He sounds like a broken record, insisting his team will start to hit and finally get a winning streak going that will get him back into the post-season race. But what else can he do?

The alternative is being honest. But being honest means he would have to say something like this.

"Do I think we'll finally start hitting? Not really. I mean let's get real. Look at my lineup. Jimmy Rollins is past his prime. Ryan Howard is past his prime. Michael Young is past his prime. Chase Utley is past his prime. Carlos Ruiz is probably past his prime. Delmon Young is a one-dimensional player. Ben Revere may not have a prime. Dominic Brown is our only hope, although John Mayberry Junior and Kevin Fradnsen and Freddy Galvis all show flashes. But do you really think this is a lineup that can contend? And don't get me started on the pitching. Cole Hamels is good but is having a sub-par year. Clif Lee is excellent. Kyle Kendrick has pitched pretty well...but who is left? No Halladay, they've figured out Pettibone and Lannan isn't going to scare anyone. We can't get the game to Papelbon, Mike Adams has been bad and the rest of the bullpen has been worthless for large stretches. So my answer is...no, I don't think we're going to hit consistently and we don't have a shot at the playoffs. My suggestion is you ask Ruben Amaro Jr. why he left me with this roster."

That is where Charlie Manuel is. No, he's not the greatest manager there is, but he's never going to lay it all out, because then the blame falls at the feet of his boss. It's just too bad he can't tell us how he really feels.

Posted at 8:57am on June 17, 2013 by Big Don Voltz

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Mike from Delaware
Mon, Jun 17, 2013 10:17am
Big Don, Good analysis of what ails the Phils.

I also think you said it quite well in terms of why Charlie Manuel isn't saying more. Manuel as any manager be it sports or in the real world, can't blame their boss, because there are two rules in business [which includes both Sports AND Radio as both are businesses] :

Rule #1 The Boss is Always Right.

Rule #2 Even when the Boss is a fathead, an idiot, stupid, ignorant, doesn't know what he/she is doing, etc., see Rule #1.

Mon, Jun 17, 2013 12:10pm
There is more to it than don't criticize the boss. You also do not belittle your product.

Again, let's compare it with the business side of radio. Allan is wraping up his noon newscast. While signing off he says "We've got CBS news at the top of the hour, followed by the Rick Jensen Show. God is that show horrible." You just don't do that!

As long as Charlie has been around, he knows his team stinks. He knows they are, at best, an average third-place team. But he can't say it publicly. He wants tickets to be sold, as does everyone in the organization. He has to keep a positive spin on his remarks. Forget truth-in-advertising.

Oh, uh Don. Watch the phrase "broken record." I'm in my 60's so I know what it means. Mike from Delaware and I and played thousands of records on the air and we know what a broken one (scratched) is all about. But few folks under 50 have a clue what it means!

Mike from Delaware
Mon, Jun 17, 2013 1:56pm
JimH: Good point about not bashing your product or the folks paying the bills to support the business [radio again comes to mind]. I remember many a time when working in radio hearing a spot playing during my show [at any of the various stations I worked] and would have loved to have said coming out of the spot break, man was that a load of crap, will people really believe a word that guy just said - haha ! But of course, you aren't being paid to make wise cracks about the advertisers or what they say in their spots either. They buy the airtime and get to say what they want even if the claims are a tad bit "exagerated".

Same applies to the Phillies employees. That must be tough though, trying to put a positive spin day after day when the fans can see or hear the results by watching or listening to their games each night. Good point.

Good point about the broken record comment, comment, comment, comment, comment.

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