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Governor Markell's casino bail-out appears to be picking up support in Dover; Del. House & Senate pass amended transgender bill

If callers to our talk shows (on both 1150 A.M.-WDEL & Delaware 105.9 F.M.) and those commenting on this blog could vote on the matter, Governor Markell's 8-Million-dollar casino bail-out plan would go down in flames. The roulette wheel would spin off its bearings.

But at Legislative Hall - where lawmakers seem to be joined at the hip to the casino interests (or who don't want to be accused of contributing to lay-offs) - legislators seem inclined to support Governor Markell's plan to help the existing casinos. So reports The NEWS JOURNAL.

Incredibly, the newspaper adds: "But it's not clear if the state aid will forestall lay-offs threatened by casinos that have seen revenues plummet from intense regional competition."

Let me get this straight: The three existing casinos get a bail-out, but in return, they make no promises about averting lay-offs.

Even a fiscal conservative hawk like state Senator Colin Bonini (R-Dover South) insists the state can't ignore the existing racinos' plight.

Meanwhile, by a vote of 24-17, Delaware House members approved a bill aimed at protecting transgender people from discrimination based on their gender identity, albeit with an amendment attempting to clarify the definition of "gender identity".

The "friendly" amendment - from State Representative Bryon Short (D-Brandywine Hundred) & endorsed by Equality Delaware President Lisa Goodman - addresses concerns heard during debate. A person could not claim to be transgender for the purpose of gaining accress to an opposite sex bathroom or changing room for an "improper purpose". An individual's gender identity "may be demonstrated by consistent and uniform assertion" or other evidence it is part of that person's core identity. But it would not require a transgender person to prove opposite-gender identity to be protected from discrimination. Get it?

It was a mostly party-line vote, with one Republican - Representative Mike Ramone (R-Middle Run Valley/Newark area) - voting FOR the bill. Four generally more culturally conservative Democrats voted AGAINST the legislation: Representative John Atkins (D-Millsboro), Representative William Carson (D-Smyrna), Representative John Mitchell Jr. (D-Elsmere), and Representative W. Charles Paradee (D-Dover area).

Because the House amended the transgender legislation, the State Senate had to reconsider the measure later Wednesday. State senators did. They passed it.

You can hear my interview with State Representative Bryon Short (D-Brandywine Hundred), who sponsored the amendment to the transgendered legislation...

Audio Here

You can hear my interview with State Senator Colin Bonini (R-Dover South), as he explains how a self-styled 'fiscal hawk' could still support the Governor's casino bail-out...

Audio Here

Posted at 7:19am on June 19, 2013 by Allan Loudell

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Comments on this post:

Mike from Delaware
Wed, Jun 19, 2013 8:50am
So the knuckleheads in Dover will waste our tax-dollars to support the "racinos" and also will allow men who claim to be transgendered to have legal access to women's restrooms and locker rooms.

Plus they legalized gay/lesbian marriage. WOW!!! 2013 has been a real banner year for Delaware [sarcasm intented].

I'm a registered Independent, but the DEMS in Delaware have lost my vote on all levels from Governor on down to dog-catcher. This used to be a quiet common-sense place to live. Never extreme, a middle-of-the-road sort of place. No longer.

Wed, Jun 19, 2013 10:17am
A banner year indeed! The Westboro types, like O'Donnell, Pizza and MikeFromTupperware aren't running things as they thought. Another defeat for bigotry and intolerance.

Wed, Jun 19, 2013 10:26am
This is welfare for casinos, plain and simple.

Why do I have to pay dollars from pocket to the likes of Ed Sutor and other millionaires? If the money went to the horsemen, as intended under the original law, that would be fine. But we're asking working-class people to support the millionaires who run the casinos. Are we stupid?

Wed, Jun 19, 2013 2:11pm
The government is not interested in what you or I think/want/need. Officials are interested in what they can get for themselves. Casinos, liquor distributors, anything with a nice perk, are what they are after. Our money? Pfffft, according to them, we don't know enough to be of any consequence.

Mike from Delaware
Wed, Jun 19, 2013 3:27pm
Teatime and Arthur: I agree. Obviously the "racino" group has a "powerful" [lots of money to grease the skids] lobby in Dover.

Funny how even Liberal DEM politicians, who normally consider such a word as entrepreneur to be a bad evil word, can take on that same "entrepreneurial" spirit they condemn in others.

These DEMS can spot a cash cow a mile away. These DEMS in Dover are farmers. Just show them the "lettuce" and they'll harvest any crop of laws you desire. Apparently these clowns in Dover have received a wheel barrel full of "lettuce" this year and what a crop of laws they've harvested. Does seem like maybe they've used too much "fertilizer" though, as these harvested laws sure do smell bad.

Wed, Jun 19, 2013 8:46pm
"will allow men who claim to be transgendered to have legal access to women's restrooms and locker rooms. "

Hey, Dummy! It will also allow people like Chastity/Chaz Bono to use the men's room. You got a problem with that?

Meanwhile, we know the Amish practice wholesale animal cruelty (and think this is protected by the first amendment). Now, authorities in Manitoba have removed all but one of the children from a Mennonite "community" and four Mennonites are facing charges of child abuse, assault, and assault with a weapon, including using using leather straps and cattle prods multiple times on children. All in "Jesus' name."

"Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them." Prov 13:24
No wonder, Jesus Jumpers grow up with authoritarian personalities, and are so filled with hate and anger.

Sun, Jun 23, 2013 6:25pm
MikeFromDelaware, TeaTime and Arthur: I am struck by how much your comments are like those the Occupy Movement people were making a while back. You all seem to really dislike them but you seem to have a lot in common with them. Strange bedfellows and all that.

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