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A few random thoughts

The news that the University of Oregon, under Chip Kelly's watch, violated NCAA rules regarding payment to someone for recruiting "information" that was in fact, used to steer the recruit toward Oregon, comes as no surprise.

It also comes as no surprise that Kelly is an NFL coach now... shocking that he got out of Dodge before the NCAA investigation was finished. (Note sarcasm here) It also is patently unbelievable when Kelly says he didn't take the Eagles' job because of the NCAA investigation, when in fact, he likely would have been fired by Oregon and unemployable by another NCAA school for 18 months.

I like Chip Kelly's football smarts... what I don't like is that he, like so many other NCAA coaches, put his school and team in jeopardy by playing fast and loose with the rules. I don't know what the answer is, but college sports certainly needs reforming.

Last night's NBA draft tells me one thing.... there wasn't a lot of talent out there. If Anthony Bennett from UNLV is the top pick, they might as well have done away with the draft altogether. Even if Nerlens Noel of Kentucky, who dropped to the 6th pick, would have been the top choice as predicted by many, it would have told me the same thing. Noel is basically a one-dimensional player...he can block shots and rebound, but has no offensive game at all and has a very thin frame for the NBA. So he now belongs to the Sixers...good luck.

The Flyers made a good move by disposing of Ilya Bryzgalov's contract... I'm disappointed to see Danny Briere go but going younger is better. Now the key is in goal and finding a couple more parts to make them competitive. I think the Flyers have the best chance of being the next to bring a championship to Philadelphia... although its hard to believe it's almost been 40 years since they did so. The pressure is now on Paul Holmgren and Peter Laviolette.

I need say no more on the Phillies...I've said enough already.

Posted at 8:42am on June 28, 2013 by Big Don Voltz

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Sun, Jul 7, 2013 5:00pm
Since this is a post for random thoughts I'd thought this was as good a metaphor as any of BillSmith when he's trying to get out of a religious conversation he picked with MFD.....


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