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Charlie's firing not unexpected, timing was

Charlie Manuel's termination Friday by the Phillies was not a surprise, but the timing of it certainly was.

The team was not responding, and his replacement-in-waiting was coaching at third base...so the move to Ryne Sandberg was not unexpected.

But virtually no one thought it would occur with 42 games left in the season. Amaro put a spin on it, saying he didn't want to put Charlie through the final 42 games knowing he wouldn't have his contract renewed...and so he could give Sandberg an audition as manager. Now that's the part that is unbelievable.

Sandberg was brought up from Triple A for the exact purpose of taking over when Charlie was done. To say they need to see what he can do as manager is ridiculous. They know what he can do. He's managed in the minors for 7 years, winning two minor-league manager of the year awards, including one in 2011 at Lehigh Valley. They know what he can do. So why make up that nonsense?

Amaro says Manuel knew about the termination as early as Wednesday...so why not ask Manuel if he wanted to finish out the season? It certainly wouldn't have affected ANYTHING...and would have allowed the Phillies to honor him in a proper way in the final homestand of the season. After all, the guy is the winningest manager in Phillies history, managed more games than any other Phillies manager, has the best winning percentage, and won a World Series, two National League pennants and went to five straight post-seasons.

And the other thing that sticks in the craw is the fact that Manuel isn't winning with Amaro's cast of misfits...so ultimately the blame falls on the GM. Will the ownership hold Amaro's feet to the fire if 2014 is like 2013?

Posted at 1:06pm on August 19, 2013 by Big Don Voltz

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Mon, Aug 19, 2013 2:34pm
Completely correct, Big. The last time we had a manager with the number of wins Charlie had, we named a stadium in his honor. Charlie at least deserved a "Charlie Manuel Day" complete with a bobble head doll!

Mike from Delaware
Mon, Aug 19, 2013 3:32pm
Big and JimH, well said.

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