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The Cast of Avenue Q Feature Beers for Their Many Personalities

It's no secret that Gina is a drama nerd. She loves it. We love her. So, today she brought in some of her cast members from the upcoming play she is in with the Wilmington Drama League... and they brought their puppets.

Yes. Puppets. There were a total of five puppets in the WDEL studio for this edition of Thirsty Thursday, five too many if you are afraid of googly eyed large foam headed stuffed animals that could possibly come alive at night. Possibly. I'm sleeping with the light on tonight just in case.

These are not your normal puppets and this is not your normal show. Their names range from Kate Monster, to Lucy the Slut, and there is apparently a few hot and heavy scenes featuring Kate Monster and her love interest, Princeton (played by the guy who created this website. Say, "Thanks Jason"!).

The puppets brought the beer, which was also adult rated. Not only was Kate Monster's Brooklyn Brewing Company beer aptly named, "Monster Ale", but it came in at a whopping 10.1%, which caused the puppets to get even more risque than they were.

When it came down to tasting the beer, things got a little out of hand. Shawn, another cast member of Avenue Q, started chugging straight from the bottle. Rick had to get things back in line so he tried to teach the monsters how to identify, savor, and appreciate beer. On the nose, the "Bad Idea Bears", two puppets in the show who live up to their namesake, said the "Monster Ale" smelled yummy. Laurie and Gina quickly stepped in, describing the aroma had hints of caramel, and Rick even went so far as to say he thought it smelled of grape. Shawn professed his love for PBR and Iron City.

Another character in this NOT FOR CHILDREN puppet show is "Lucy The Slut". She chose to feature "In Heat Wheat" by Flying Dog Brewing Company out of Frederick, MD. On the nose the puppets again, smelled beer. Laurie decided it was time to set these puppets straight. She described the hefeweizen poured in the color of a light amber, which she also pointed out was the color of puppet Princeton's face, and like a true hefeweizen, you could smell notes of banana.

Greg restored some sort of normalcy to the program with the soft drink section of the show. This week we enjoyed (no, really, it was good) "Lemmy Sparkling Lemonade". The retro label with its adorable lemon faced mascot has been around since 1939. The lemonade is made of fresh squeezed lemons, which is a rarity for lemonade these days, and also made with real sugar. It's slogan, "Lemme Have a Lemmy" made this sourly sweet soda a favorite of Laurie, myself and Rick. Lucy the Slut said it tasted like Mountain Dew, but look at the source.

The cast of Avenue Q were a trip and a pleasure to have on the show today. Make sure you see their ADULT rated puppet show running from September 27th through October 6th. A link to purchase tickets is below!

~Sabrina Sabia

Rick with puppet

Next week on Thirsty Thursday... It's "punkin" season!





Posted at 4:33pm on September 12, 2013 by Sabrina Sabia

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