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Snarky Chinese bloggers on U.S. Government Shutdown: We Want One of our Own

For the most part, Chinese state-supported media coverage of the U.S. Government shutdown has been rather straightforward.

But, FOREIGN POLICY reports some Chinese bloggers are having a field day, using the U.S. shutdown as a vehicle to criticize the Beijing authorities. One Chinese professor writes: "The government has shut down, but the country is not in disorder -- now that's what you call a good country where people can live without worry."

Some bloggers did note the U.S. borrowing from China.

Here's the link... (But you might have to sign-up - for free - to gain access)...


Meanwhile, the White House announces President Obama has canceled his trip next week to The Philippines and Malaysia because of the budget impasse in Washington.

Here's my concern about all this: This country is fixated on its internal battles AND the Middle-East (Syria, Iran, Egypt, Israel), while the Chinese plant an ever deeper imprint around the world, notably Latin America. It's almost as though the United States can't multitask. And U.S. popular media sure as hell can't.

Posted at 8:41am on October 2, 2013 by Allan Loudell

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Wed, Oct 2, 2013 8:10pm
I have to come down on the side of the Chinese media for this one.

Thu, Oct 3, 2013 12:01pm
Allan your concern is well founded. When one considers the CIA, NSA, and FBI are all on skeleton staffs, one must understand our enemy's excitement.

If as a terrorist you were afraid of making that certain phone call... now is the time. No one is manning the phones.

Now, let's look at the money. When the budget is passed, these people all get reimbursed for lost paychecks. They are not working but will be paid. That is fair, because it was the fault of 80 members of the Republican party they didn't get paid, not fault of their own.

So what these Tea Party republicans caused us all, was no service from the government we are paying-for anyway....

Those lack of services can kill us. What if a SAR's case happens in New York City and no one catches it. Report gets sent in, and is hung up in cyberspace until whenever? What happens if a ship someone was watching, leaves a Mid Eastern port headed for Baltimore, and while no one was watching their monitors, a dirty bomb was put on board? How many children will die because the NIH is closed and their medication is stopped?

On the other hand, and it is started already, Republicans (read Red State) are gloating (and I heard Rick Jensen yesterday as well) that we are seeing how little government is impacting our daily lives. We are seeing that we now can understand that the money we throw to government, actually makes very little difference... Life went on. Things still get done without them.

The answer to them is "yes, life went on,... but did it go on as well?"

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