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Established in 1986 as an outgrowth of the Performing Arts Society, CoroAllegro provides an outlet for some of the areas most acclaimed musicians.

“CoroAllegro is technically an amateur group...in the strict sense of that, we sing for the love of music.”

That's Music Director Jack Burnam, who says while some of the people who sing with CoroAllegro get paid for their music in other arenas, the group itself isn't just for professionals.

“CoroAllegro is a place for people who, as musicians and singers, enjoy and welcome a challenge.”

And not only does its small size and performance versatility set it apart, Burnam says the group is truly one of a kind in Delaware.

“CoroAllegro I think has its own distinctive sound. It's different from other groups that I regularly work with and conduct, and it really is the sum total, and maybe a little more, of the widely varied individuals who participate in it.”

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