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Inner City Cultural League

In 1971, Dover City Councilman Reuben Salters, wanted to bring art and an appreciation for the African American contribution , to the children of the inner city.

Today, Betty Garrett, of the Inner City Cultural League, says programs have expanded, but remain rooted in the original goal and history.

“Educating, or exposing these children who are really 'arts deprived,' to the arts and the contribution that the arts can do for them.”

One of the most popular programs the League offers is the Sankofa African Dance Company, but those who participate learn a lot more than dance steps.

“They learn the history behind the dances, what it means, when it's used. So they know all of that so they can speak to what their dance is and really can interpret it for you.”

But that's not the greatest accomplishment for the League...

“We know that the children that go through our program, and these are inner city children, 80% of those children graduate from high school and college so we are very, very happy with that.”

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