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Grand Opera House

The Grand Opera House has stood on Wilmington's Market Street since 1871, making it one of the oldest theaters in America.

“It was built at a time when Wilmington was trying to sort of bring itself into a world class posture. It went through a great period of productivity and excitement and activity, and then like a lot of these main street theaters in America there was a period where it really fell into disrepair.”

That's Executive Director Steve Bailey who says because of when it was built, The Grand includes some important elements.

“One of the most dramatic features is that it's built in a true opera house style where the seating wraps completely around the stage, so at the farthest point, the back row of the balcony, you're still really right on top of the performer. And the acoustics had to be perfect and they remain perfect because we haven't really altered them.”

Bailey says whether it's for a symphony performance, a concert or comedy show from a major act, or a production aimed at school children, The Grand Opera House has it all.

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