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'Living History' show about DuPont

The du Ponts ..... on stage!

"'The DuPont Story: A Family, A Company'" is a multi-media, first-person, living history presentation."

A flurry of costume changes and archival pictures tell the story of the du Pont family and its tremendous impact on the history of Delaware and the country in a new two-man show by Delaware native Greer Firestone.

"I go from E.I. du Pont to the president of the company called 'Boss Henry,' who was president for 39 years. That's during the Civil War time. Then on to P.S. du Pont, and then, actually, to kind of a nerdy Experimental Station chemist," he says.

The writer and actor says no family or company has had more of an impact on a state.

"Without DuPont gunpowder, from the Barbary pirates up until World War II, things may have changed globally had it not been for DuPont."

The show uses humor, historical photos and video, and is aimed at school kids. Firestone never leaves the stage in the 45-minute, multi-media production.

"How do I get from a costume with knickers in 1802 with E.I. du Pont to a late-Victorian guy, P.S. du Pont? Well, I'm going to have a valet. I've always thought I personally deserved a valet, and finally I get one."

The show starts touring in Delaware schools this fall. It debuts August 29th at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Wilmington.

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