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WDEL's Delaware Stories
with Mellany Armstrong

Local author sees book turned into animated film

From book to musical to movie, a local author sees her dream come true.

Jamie Kleman of Landenberg, Pa., got the idea for her book 'It's Not Mean to Be Green' from her son, Will.

Jamie Kleman: "There were signs about going green and being green, and I turned to my son and said, 'Do you know what that means?' and he said, 'Well, I know Frankenstein is mean and monsters are green,' and it was like that aha moment."

The story about protecting the environment was turned into a musical that debuted at the DuPont Theatre, and now, it's being turned into an animated movie.

Greenella: "My name is Greenella, and I want to talk to you about carpooling and alternative transportation."

"We want to showcase Delaware's commitment to educating the youth about the environment in a different way, in this entertaining way," Kleman says.

Kleman has high hopes for the movie.

Kleman: "I'd really love 'It's Not Mean to Be Green' to be the first Earth Day special that you look forward to each April."

To get a sneak peek of the film, visit A Bigger Boat Foundation.

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