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WDEL's Delaware Stories
with Mellany Armstrong

New documentary focuses on Delaware farming

A look at Delaware farming, past and present, in a new documentary.

"The colors are so beautiful, you feel like you are right there on the farm."

Director Sharon Baker says they spent more than a year filming 'Delaware Agriculture: Farming in the First State,' following farmers through the seasons.

"What if we told the story through the eyes of working farmers in the state?"
Secretary of Agriculture Ed Kee narrates the 30-minute film.

"What most people don't know about agriculture is how much hard work it takes, even today," he says in the film.

"I don't think most people, even if they've lived here their whole lives, realize the extent of agriculture in this state and kind of the interesting people that are doing it," Baker said.

The film looks at the history of farming in the state to today's $8 billion industry, where farmers use the latest technology.

"A farmer in southern New Castle County is planting a huge field of seed corn, and he's using a GPS," she said.

The film will be shown April 16th at 7 p.m. in the Trabant University Center at UD. You can see a trailer by clicking here.

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