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Red Clay, Delaware Tech team up to offer construction program

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Students graduating from two Red Clay high schools will now be more career-ready than ever.

Merv Daugherty is the Superintendent of Red Clay.

Merv Daugherty: "We heard the needs that were stated to us by the unions, saying, 'We really want more students to come out ready to go right to work.'"

And McKean and Dickinson High School students will be equipped to do just that if they enroll in the Construction and Renovation Certificate Program with Delaware Tech, where they'll learn carpentry, plumbing, and other skills.

Byron Murphy: "The thing that they're most excited about is putting their hands on the equipment. Ya know, working in carpentry, working in HVAC. These are guys that are excited about doing that," says Byron Murphy, Principal at Dickinson High School,

Murphy adds the students won't be skirting around academics either.

Murphy: "But what we can do that vo-techs cant is we can combine hands-on vocational training and high-end academic work," says Murphy.

16-year-old students like Lafayette Hughes and Khayvon Morton-Gibbs can't wait to get their hands dirty.

Lafayette Hughes: "I'm going to try to go into carpentry for businesses and to do other people's houses and working on it, so I can get my hands on everything," says Hughes.

Khayvon Morton Gibbs: "I want to build a house, my own house, somewhere nice," says Morton-Gibbs with a smile.

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