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Ursuline student's unique art featured in Wilmington exhibit

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Elyssa Duckett is one of 30 artists featured in the New Wilmington Art Association's RSVP 2012 exhibit.

Elyssa Duckett: "It's really exciting because it's not just for high schoolers. I think I'm one of the few high schoolers in there. It's a lot of well-known adults that are in it, and one of the jurors is a very well-known artist, so it felt really good to be recognized for that."

Duckett created an image transfer in her Advanced Placement art class, inspired by her love for World War I, and the masterpiece only took her one day.

Duckett: "My piece that's in the exhibit is an image transfer of a gas mask, and it says keep calm, carry on in the background, which is a slogan from WWI, and I like combing both elements of that just to give a good visual."

Duckett's mother was an art history major and got her taking classes from a young age, but it wasn't until later in life, she realized she had the passion for art as well.

Duckett: "I'm not really into drawing, but just finding something that I'm really good at that I really enjoy is nice because it's a different kind of art; Not a lot of people are doing it."

Her art's on display through the end of October.

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