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Voice your thoughts on 2 new charter schools in NCCo

You've got just under two weeks to voice your opinion on proposals for two new charter schools in New Castle County.

One is Delaware MET, a high school in Wilmington that would use the Big Picture learning model, that's a more personalized approach to education based on student interests.

Katie Gallup, Director of Marketing for Innovative Schools, tells WDEL more about the model that originated in Rhode Island.

Katie Gallup: "Three days of instruction in the classroom and two days of internship experiences, really giving them an opportunity to practice what they're learning in the real world and find out what they're good at."

Positive Outcomes Charter School in Camden has seen success by using the internship experience part of the Big Picture model.

Kuumba Academy in Wilmington is also looking for your opinion on their expansion. They're looking to add a middle school using the Expeditionary Learning Model that takes advantage of the local community to drive learning.

Gallup says the majority of survey responses have been pretty positive. But whether you love it or hate it, now's the time to speak up.

Gallup: "They are interested in hearing from folks about will there be demand in the proposed location ,and also what's the interest in the school designs that they're considering."

First State Military Academy, a charter high school in Dover that would provide students with a full-time JROTC program, using the New Tech model, is also being proposed.

You've got until December 10, 2012, to voice your opinion in a survey at Make Mine a Model School.

If you'd like to learn more about Innovative Schools that serves as a nonprofit educational resource to Delaware public schools, click here

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