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Delaware Tech receives electric car donation

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When Frank Adkins, an automotive instructor at Delaware Tech, first saw the tiny neon green electric car from China he thought...

Frank Adkins: "What the heck is that?"

The Zap Xebra looks like a spaceship hovering above ground.

The first thing he teaches his students is this an ELECTRIC car not a hybrid. There's a difference.

Adkins: "Familiarity is probably the biggest thing. The controls are different. it has a steering wheel. It has a go pedal and a stop pedal like a go go cart. There is no transmission. Shifting forward or reverse is done simply by a dial on the dashboard."

The car runs on six 12-volt batteries. Students will learn theory and practice, and how to charge the batteries and how to maintain safety around such high voltage.

Adkins says there's been a lot of laughter while students are learning, and it's a great learning experience. They're grateful to Tom Hawkins of the Plug In Electric Vehicles for the donation.

Adkins: "We've had vehicles donated here and there in the past, but nothing like this. It's a really cool car, really unique, and you probably won't see another one running around."

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