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DSU wants to win "Retool Your School" contest

Help Delaware State University retool their school.

DSU is competing for up to $50,000 in school improvement grant money from Home Depot.

If they win the big money, Carlos Holmes tells WDEL they plan to upgrade their fraternity/sorority plot area.

Carlos Holmes: "The area is a gathering place especially during the warm winter times and the fall and the spring for our students to go outside and barbeque, and we have homecoming, all our alums, our Greek alums go over there and have a big gathering."

If they win the lesser prize of $10,000, Holmes says the school plans to move forward with its going green initiative.

Holmes: "If we were to win enough to do the installation of the energy efficient film on Wendell that would be very consistent with what we're doing here at the university to try to reduce our carbon footprint."

You can only vote once a day--but if you've got an iPad, an iPhone, a computer at home, and a computer at work, you can vote on all those devices in just one day.

Holmes: "If you could vote for DSU every day that would very much help us."

Just visit Retool Your School.

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