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Roadkill creates "CSI" experience for students

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Roadkill becomes a classroom tool at William Penn High School.

Fortunately, the dead deer, named Bambi, isn't actually IN the classroom. She's being kept outside as part of a mock crime scene, for students to get that real life "CSI" experience.

Frank Lusch: "Some of the students have been a little creeped out by it and other students cannot get enough of what we are doing."

Science teacher Frank Lusch never thought he'd be using a dead deer to teach teens about forensic science. He wants his students to know a crime scene is dynamic.

Lusch: "There's going to be a whole host of different factors after: what role animals, what role insects might play, what role people, what role weather might play to get an idea of when a time of death takes place and the possible manner of death."

When we got there, Bambi had been dragged 40 feet and eaten up quite a bit by turkey vultures. Kobe Baker, who's in the class was surprised.

Kobe Baker: "Bambi's been dead for about a week, and it's been torn apart. there's really not much left for the insects to...it's only been a week. I thought it would take close to a month to be there."

Students are taking photos and studying decomposition, Lusch hopes for the next month.

Lusch: "Provided there's any left of Bambi to be studied, the deterioration of Bambi has exceeded our expectations."

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