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Advances In HIV/AIDS Treatment

Researchers say it's now possible to end the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Details coming up in WDEL's Delaware Healthwatch.

Doctor Anthony Fauci with the National institutes of Health says 30 years ago, half his HIV/AIDS patients died within 6 to 8 months after being infected with the virus, but now....

[Fauci: "If a person walks into our clinic at the NIH, or any other place that has availability of treatment, is young, 25, been recently infected....you put them on combination therapy, and you can look them in the eye and tell them it is likely if they adhere to that regimen, that they will live an additional 50 years"]

Fauci says advancements in basic and clinical research in particular have made it possible to reach the ultimate goal of eventually eliminating AIDS.

[Fauci: "We have now up to 30 anti-HIV approved drugs by the FDA"]

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