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Post-Surgery Wound Care

New wound-care technologies can help you heal faster after surgery.

Dr. Joe Daniel with the Rothman Institute at Philadelphia's Thomas Jefferson University Hospital says a key to fast recovery after surgery is wound care, which in the past was limited to bandages, stitches and local cleansing, but today, most major medical centers have equipment like the Versajet available to surgeons.

Dr. Daniel: "And this piece of equipment basically will allow a very accurate and very quick debridement, or cleansing of the area in question, so that you're not removing any normal tissue--you're only removing that tissue which is diseased."

Another high-tech device designed to keep bacteria at bay is called the Renasys System.

Dr. Daniel: "And that's a form of negative pressure, which will enhance the rate of healing and decrease pain at the surgical site, so that we can get an individual back to their pre-injury or pre-wound level of activity quicker."

Daniel says after surgery, the best way for a patient to stay free of infection is to faithfully follow their doctor's orders.

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