Delmarva working to restore power

Delmarva Power is dealing with the aftermath of Sandy.

As of 8 a.m., more than 40-thousand Delmarva customers in New Castle County were without power.

The number of outages in Sussex County was only 1800 and 1600 in Kent County. Another 12-thousand customers are in the dark in Cecil County.

To see the latest numbers and outage map, click here.

President Gary Stockbridge says following an assessment of damages, repairs will be prioritized and the work begins.

Stockbridge cautions customers could see some significant periods without power.

"We do expect this restoration to go over a week in length. And that's not something customers in our region have seen in a while, that type of length of outage. based on everything we're seeing, we think it's likely to be over a week before we get all of our customers back in."

With Sandy bearing down on the region, Delmarva crews are prepared for the worst.

President Gary Stockbridge says additional crews are already arriving.

"One of our major staging areas is at the Fisker plant. So we do have a fairly local location where we are going to be staging our crews. At this point in time, most of the crews that are there involve our tree trimming crews who are some of the first to go out."

Stockbridge says some 15-hundred crews from around the country and Canada are committed to helping Delmarva's restoration efforts, with additional crews available as needed.

Delmarva is adding that flooding could create danger in homes with natural gas.

In the event of a flood, the utility recommends customers turn their gas service off at the meter.

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