VIDEO: Gov. Markell slides into a second term

Democratic Governor Markell is easily re-elected for a second term, standing up strong to Republican challenger Jeff Cragg.

WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.

"Thank you, Delaware!" yells Markell to applause from the hundreds of supporters inside downtown Wilmington's Queen Theatre, the site of the state's Democratic Party headquarters on Election Night.

Governor Markell says Delaware is a state of neighbors and he saw that when he toured superstorm Sandy damage last week.

"Nobody cared that I was a Democratic; nobody cared if someone in need was a Republican, and nobody cared if the person rescuing them was an Independent. In times of crisis, we pull together," says Markell.

"We're a small state, but our hearts our big," he added.

As Delaware's leader, he says he's watched the state and its citizens undergo growing pains and changes.

"Tonight is especially sweet because of how far we have come together over these last four years. When times were so tough, when the economy was in free fall, we didn't give in; we didn't give up, we got to work," he says.

Markell tells Republican leaders, bipartisanship must prevail.

"My door is open, open if you have ideas on how we can work together and make this state even better," he says.

Markell says for now they celebrate, but Wednesday the work begins anew and he and his fellow legislators must remember...

"That we represent not just the Democrats, but we represent every Delawarean, no matter their party and no matter if they voted for us," says Markell.

Markell beat out Cragg, winning 69 percent of the vote.

VIDEO: Jeff Cragg speaks at GOP Headquarters after falling to Markell.

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