DE environmental officials look to make dent in boxwood

Boxwood plants are getting a little too cozy in the Cedar Swamp Wildlife Area near Smyrna and DNREC wants it out of there.

An event is happening this Saturday from 1-3pm called "Bye Bye Boxwood," in which the agency is soliciting volunteers to help with Boxwood removal.

"The sight that we'll be working out is an old homestead and the Boxwood there has gone unchecked for so long that it has taken over the understory of the ceramic forest. So iv you were going to look in the forest right now, most of what you'll find in that understory layer under the trees is boxwood," says organizer Lynne Staub

Staub says boxwood is not overly difficult to remove. They do want people to pre-register in case bad weather cancels the event. Click here to volunteer.


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