VIDEO: Upset Pencader parents, students get info on school alternatives

Pencader Charter School parents and students are scrambling to make arrangements for the upcoming school year.

The State Board of Education voted last week to close the school at the end of the school year.

So, on Tuesday night those parents and students had the chance to gather information on school alternatives.

At that meeting, Pencader parent Beverly Green expressed what many in attendance felt.

When asked if she saw the school's shutdown coming...

"Didn't see it coming. Didn't see it coming." says Green.

Ralph Woodson says he expected the school's closing, but he wonders why.

"This school has exceeded all the expectations. They're higher that the rest of the schools." Woodson says, "Why are they going to close it down?"

Jack Shank's daughter will be a senior next year.

"I should be preparing her for college, not for 12th grade in high school." Shank says

Student Ally Shank is facing the situation with mixed emotions.

"I'm upset because I'm leaving my friends and a lot of teachers that I really care about." says Ms Shank.

Kathy White lives near the school in New Castle.

She says the "choice" system is not the solution.

"I have a job as well, actually during her school hours," White says, "so I couldn't get her to (school), and then I couldn't get her from school afterward."

Beverly Green is feeling the stress of finding the right school for her daughter.

"It's overwhelming at this point right now, so just trying to get our thoughts together as to what exactly we want to happen." says Green

Representatives from area school districts and charter schools were at Pencader providing information to parents and students.

With some 100 Pencader students graduating at the end of this year, next year's education options remain up in the air for about 300 children.

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