VIDEO: Cardiac survivors meet the NCCo paramedics who saved them

Survivors of sudden cardiac arrest are reunited with the men and women who saved their lives.

WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.

19-year-old Gracie Firestone had never met the New Castle County paramedics who saved her life until now.

Without those four paramedics, Gracie tells WDEL she definitely wouldn't be alive.

"It is life changing, in the sense that I can keep moving on. I'm so fortunate to still be here," says Firestone.

She hugged each one for a prolonged amount of time, and tells me, she just wanted to shout...

"I love you! It's so hard to thank someone for something that big; they'll always be in my hearts," says Firestone.

A team of New Castle County paramedics also saved 24-year-old Ednan Quinones of Wilmington from dying.

"It was a long day, they brought me back to life," he says.

He remembers waking up a St. Francis Hospital, but it was because of action from the paramedics that he even made it there.

"It's a blessing, can't thank 'em any more," he says.

Quinones and Firestone were part of a small group of survivors who came out to show their appreciation and say thank you.

"They often go unnoticed because they're so behind the scenes so having them come up here and have everyone see what they've done is so amazing," says Firestone.

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