GOP lawmakers unveil gun legistlations of their own

Senate Republicans announce two bills involving illegal gun transfers.

WDEL's Gianna Banner reports.

Senate Minority Leader Greg Lavelle plans to introduce a "sellers beware" bill that creates a new crime if someone sells a firearm to a person prohibited.

Lavelle said, "What this bill does is focuses where I believe we should be focusing on, and that's people who are breaking the law, and criminals and people who are invading and breaking the law intentionally and also folks, who would be, I would term irresponsible."

The measure only requires background checks when a person is selling a gun to a stranger.

That differs from a bill unveiled last week by Governor Markell that would require background checks for virtually all gun sales.

Lavelle, explained how Governor Markell's bill differs.

"It could result in registration and licensing of gun ownership, which folks are adamantly opposed to, so again, this bill doesn't mandate that you do anything," he said.

Senator Ernie Lopez's bill would impose increased first-offense penalties for a person guilty of buying firearms on behalf of another from up to 3-to-5 years in prison.

The GOP lawmakers hope these measures will send a message that illegal gun transfers in Delaware will not be tolerated.

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