VIDEO: Delaware's 15 Medal of Honor recipients recognized

Delaware's Medal of Honor recipients are recognized in a ceremony in Townsend to mark National Medal of Honor Day.

WDEL's Amy Cherry was there.

15 soldiers from Delaware have received the nation's highest military honor for their heroic bravery. None of them are still alive today, but Samuel Rodmond Smith came out to support his great, great grandfather, who's also his namesake.

"He was in the Civil War, he was a captain. He earned this Medal by swimming across the Irwani River, which is down by Petersburg, Virginia, under heavy enemy fire," says Smith.

Smith says he comes to VFW Post #3792 every year for this ceremony and sits in the back--

"Cause it's not about me, it's about him, and I'm very pleased and honored to hear of so many Medal of Honor recipients. I'm just very honored," says Smith.

Sherri Leslie is Commander of the VFW Post #3792. She's a tireless advocate who helps put this ceremony together along with help from Paul Cathell, President of the Delaware Medal of Honor Historical Association.

"Our servicemen and women should all be honored, especially those that put their lives on the line and save their troops," says Leslie.

Leslie hopes the ceremony makes descendants like Smith feel proud of their courageous relatives.

"It helps to make them remember their family members because sometimes we so often forget, and that's the one thing we never want to do is forget our soldiers," says Leslie.

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