VIDEO: UD unveils vehicle to electric car system

The University of Delaware marked its partnership with a regional power provider that it will sell electricity to by means of electric cars.

WDEL's Tom Lehman reports:

The vehicle-to-grid interface developed by UD Professor Willett Kempton helps to stabilize the power grid of PJM Interconnection every time an electric car using the system plugs in.

"While the car's not doing anything else, we're managing the battery's charging and discharging and providing a valuable service to the grid operator," Kempton says.

If the electric grid needs power, the vehicles can discharge some energy to PJM to generate revenue for the driver or owner.

The system, which Kempton began developing in the 1990s, is part of the eV2g project, which is the byproduct of a university and NRG Energy.

DNREC Secretary Colin O'Mara says the system is both useful and environmentally friendly.

"It is absolutely essential that we figure out ways to reduce emissions globally but we need to do it in a cost effective way and this is a huge part of that," O'Mara says.

The technology is currently being used for test fleets and Kempton says it would be part of commercial fleets next before any individual use.

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