VIDEO: Pick out the perfect Point to Point hat

Horses and hats -- that's the focus of Winterthur's Point to Point this Sunday.

WDEL's Amy Cherry offers some expert advice when it comes to picking out that perfect hat for the outdoor occasion.

You'll want a hat with a brim to shade you from the sun. The color depends on your dress.

"You want it to coordinate with your outfit, but most importantly, we want to see you and the hat. So we don't want the hat to overpower you. We want the hat to complement your natural beauty," says Debby Bradley, owner of That's Hats, just over the state line.

For many, Point to Point is a day at the races. For others, it's about being seen, and Bradley says your choice of hat can reveal a lot about your personality too.

She points to a teal straw hat with a lighter colored flower attached to the front or the back, depending on how you wear it.

"It says, 'I'm fashionable. I'm fun, maybe a little bit flirty, style-conscious without being obnoxious,'" says Bradley.

Her colorful shop has hundreds of hats of all shapes and sizes-- some are outrageous others are more subtle for those hesitant first-time hat buyers.

"Point to Point is a good time to get a hat that you could use a sun hat afterwards," Bradley says.

She says the perfect hat is proportionate to your body type and the key is comfort.

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