VIDEO: 2 teens test positive for Molly as club drug pops up in Del. schools

The popular club drug Molly may be what your kids are taking on the weekends.

WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.

"It's easily attainable through friends, it seems," says Domenica Personti, Director of Adolescent Services and Prevention with Brandywine Counseling.

Personti tells WDEL she's heard from teens that the club drug, Molly, is popping up at weekend parties in Delaware.

"We're hearing it at the middle school and the high school level," she says.

"You go into a party and you want a little bit of a rush and somebody's got some ecstasy or some Molly, what are the kids going to do? 'Oh OK,'" says Marc Richman, Assistant Director for Community Mental Health and Addiction Services,

Brandywine Counseling conducts meetings, sort of like focus groups with kids, and Personti says her office is seeing it more and more, and they've got proof beyond what the kids are saying.

"We've recently had two kids that actually tested positive for it," she says.

The teens, who tested positive, are from the Newark area.

"You have this tremendous high, sometimes called a roll, because it keeps them rolling all day," explains Richman.

Personti tells WDEL she's worried Molly could easily become an epidemic like heroin.

"This time last year, we weren't hearing about the parties, so to go from zero to even just two, to me, is high, it's enough to say, wow, that's a little much," she says.

The drug is much easier to take than heroin, and Richman says the small multi-colored pills can look like candy, but beware...

"People are dying from it."

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