Reach Academy sues Del. DOE for sexual discrimination

The soon-to-be shuttered Reach Academy for Girls is suing the state Department of Education for sexual discrimination.

WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.

Tina Betz, who's on Reach Academy's Board, is fighting to keep Delaware's only all-girls public school open, arguing the school is the girls' best educational alternative.

"These girls came from a school that they would have to return to if Reach closes," says Betz.

State Education Secretary Mark Murphy, who hasn't seen the lawsuit yet, says Reach was held to the same academic standards as any other charter school in the state.

"Regardless of whether you are a student who is currently meeting the standards or whether you're a student significantly behind, you should have an expectation to grow," says Murphy.

He says the bottom line is Reach was letting its students down.

"Not only were those students not meeting state standards, but those students were not showing significant gains," Murphy says.

Betz argues standards are a must, but Murphy's decision is unfair.

"The girls came to Reach at an academic level that was way below anything that is acceptable," says Murphy.

Delaware's Department of Education says their focus remains on helping Reach families transition to new schools next year.

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