VIDEO: Wilm. council calls for CDC to study city's gun violence

In light of a high number of shootings in 2013, Wilmington council members voted Thursday night to ask the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to examine the city's gun violence in a study.

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The request was made in a resolution that calls on the federal agency to examine a "pandemic" of shootings among young African American men in Wilmington as a matter of public health.

The measure passed unanimously passed by council in a 12-0 decision.

"We're asking that the CDC come into Wilmington and evaluate what is causing this, because it's not a natural phenomenon," said Councilwoman Hanifa Shabazz (D-District 4).

"It's not the nature of the African American to act in this self destruction as so."

Shabazz believes the violence may be related to deep-seeded issues.

"The African American community here in the United States of America is still suffering from the traumatic syndrome of slavery and so that compounded with the many effects that are happening in today's society and the things that they're seeing," she said.

She hopes CDC would treat the issue similarly to the rash of teenage suicides in Kent and Sussex counties last year.

"We hope that as they did in lower Delaware...they see the same importance of doing that here with the homicides that we're suffering from and they would give us some recommendations and solutions," she said.

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