Top House Republican pitches gas tax alternative to JFC

The State House Minority Leader makes his appeal to the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) for a gas tax alternative.

WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.

Rep. Dan Short wants the JFC to move DelDOT's operating budget from the Transportation Trust Fund back into the General Fund.

Short says his plan would cost $38 million a year for seven years.

"Those folks have found ways to deal with shortfalls in the General Fund before, and $38 million is a number that sounds big, but in the realm of the total budget is not a huge number," said Short.

The Seaford Republican says the plan would free up $1 billion for infrastructure improvements.

"Now we're in a dilemma of how we're going to build roads and put people to work, so we've got a take a hard step at some point, and that's get this job done," said Short.

Governor Markell doesn't support the Republican's plan and prefers a 10-cent per gallon gas tax hike, that's not gaining much traction on either side of the aisle.

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