Two Sussex councilman oppose NAACP grants

Two Sussex County Councilmen, Sam Wilson and Vance Phillips, decline to give grants of $100 each to the Lower Sussex NAACP Youth Council, objecting to the phrase "colored people" in the group's name.

"Take my name off the bill. I'm not going to give anything unless you describe what that says. What's NAACP stand for? I don't understand," said Wilson.

"You don't know what it means?" asked Joan Deaver, Democratic councilwoman.

"That's why I'm asking. What's it stand for Joan?"

"I'm with Mr. Wilson. This is an organization that is, obviously, directed at a certain race. It strikes me as inappropriate in this day of racial equality," said Phillips.

"Sounds like discrimination to me," said Wilson.

"I'll pull mine from that as well," said Phillips.

The back-and-forth discussion came at the end of the council meeting, where members typically approve grants to charities or civic groups.

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