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Notes about WDEL SnoWatch:
  • Whenever you view WDEL's SnoWatch listings, be sure to refresh the page, to be certain that you are getting the most recent listings.
  • Organizations registered with SnoWatch can input closings and cancellations into the SnoWatch system. Notices can also be called into our main office number: (302)478-2700. Please do not send cancellation notices via email or fax, as they will not be announced.
  • Want to get your notices posted, but don't have a SnoWatch code? Request/register for one now. Be sure to include some information such as organization name and type, contact person name, and best way to reach them.
  • SnoWatch is a public service of WDEL, presented by ServiceMark and Home Mattress Center. Information contained on these pages is accurate to the best of our abilities. SnoWatch announcements are made whenever inclement weather causes schools and/or businesses to alter their schedules.

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