Conversation with the Candidates
By Carl Kanefsky

Updated Monday, July 16, 2012 - 8:17am

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One man involved in the Democratic primary for New Castle County Executive says anti-incumbent voters can still cast their ballot for someone with on-the-job experience.

In our on-going series of "Conversations with the Candidates," WDEL's Allan Loudell spoke with Jon Husband, a county employee for almost 28 years.

Husband says that despite running against two men who have already held the top county post, he represents a new choice, with a strong background.

"I'm the one that has done just about every aspect in the county. I have done all of the duties with parks, of building the libraries, doing the sewer work, I do the budgets...the capital budget and the operating budgets for my division.

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Husband says he believes county officials need to work well with people on both sides of major issues for things to get accomplished.

"Developer is not a bad word...environmentalist is not a bad word. And depending on who you're talking about, everybody is pointing the fingers. We've got to stop pointing the fingers. We've got to start working together.

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Husband also says all appearances of conflict of interest have to be avoided in order to move forward for the benefit of county residents.

Husband faces County Executive Paul Clark, former County Executive Tom Gordon, and Bill Shahan in September's primary election.

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