Driving restrictions in place
By Tom Lehman

Updated Monday, October 29, 2012 - 12:16pm

With the effects of Hurricane Sandy beginning to set in, Governor Markell has ordered statewide "Level Two" driving restrictions starting at 5:00 a.m. Monday.

Citing poor visibility conditions on roadways and up to 40 mph winds forecasted in the morning, Markell says he didn't want to put Delawareans at risk as the day progressed.

"It's likely to get worse during the day. We didn't want people to get out to work and then have to drive later on in the day when they're going home when conditions are going to be miserable," he says.

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Under a Level 2 driving restriction, only essential personnel can operate a vehicle--essential personnel include those working in healthcare and utility services, food and fuel deliveries or those employed by private employers who have received waivers from DEMA.

Those who violate Level 2 restrictions face a $115 fine for first offense and up to $200 and possible jail time for repeat offenders.

"People ought to consider this to be quite significant and unless you are an essential personnel connected to healthcare or food or fuel...Unless your company has gotten a waiver from the state, you really ought to stay put," he says.

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At 50 miles per hour, which may be reached Monday afternoon, bridges over the Chesapeake and Delaware canal will close.

Markell previously ordered a 'Level One" driving warning on Sunday to discourage motorists from driving while asking employers to allow workers to stay home.

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