MONDAY AFTERNOON: Still bracing for Sandy's worst
By Don Voltz

Updated Monday, October 29, 2012 - 3:59pm

Delaware is about to feel the most extreme effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Both rainfall and wind speeds are expected to pick up later today through the overnight hours.

"The eye approaching Sandy very apparent in satellite imagery," says Accuweather Meteorologist Dave Samuel. "That tells me wave a serious hurricane out there and it is heading right for us unfortunately. I think the eye will pass right over Wilmington this evening, so going downhill from where we are right now."

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Samuel says you may feel the winds subside at some points during Sandy, but on the whole, they will stay extreme well into Tuesday.

"We could see the winds diminish this evening simply due to being in the eye of the storm. If you have a home barometer it's going to be amazing, I think we set a record here as it goes right overhead at 940 millibars so that's off the charts basically."

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Flood warnings are in effect for New Castle and Cecil Counties until 6:30 tonight. Flood warning are also in place for the Christina River, Brandywine, White Clay and Red Clay Creeks.

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