Gordon wins NCCo Exec again
By Michelle Provencher

Updated Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 1:39am

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WDEL's Michelle Provencher asks newly-elected County Executive Tom Gordon about how he spent his Election Day.

While the presidential election was neck-and-neck, the race for New Castle County executive was won by a landslide.

Democrat Tom Gordon garnered nearly 65% of the vote Tuesday, leaving Republican Mark Blake in the dust.

Gordon originally served two terms as New Castle County Executive from 1997 to 2004. He says this likely contributed to his win.

"Because I think that they approve...my record in the eight years I was there was good, and I think you saw that tonight," says Gordon.

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Gordon says he'll take no breaks now that the campaign trail has drawn to a close, he's ready to jump right into current County Executive Paul Clark's shoes.
"Well I don't have that option. As you know, it looks like I'll be taking office in one week. So I'll prepare tomorrow for my next move."

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After learning of his victory, Gordon has a message for voters, regardless of whether they were in his favor.

"Well, I want to say to both the ones who did and didn't, that I'm looking forward to working with everybody and working very hard every day to make this a great place to live, and work, and go to church and raise a family."

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